7 Handyman Website Tips that Boost Revenue

This article emphasizes the relevance of website and digital marketing for successful handypersons while providing helpful tips on utilizing the aforementioned platforms for promoting your business in the corporate world.

Developing a handyman website is one of the most crucial steps to take for any handyman looking to promote his services via digital marketing platforms. This blog post is a brief but comprehensive summary of key tips for handyman who are either in the process of developing their generic brand websites or are struggling with a systematic contemplation of this concept and its relevance. Bear this in mind, when referring to digital marketing, which entails utilizing the internet for commercial purposes, no job is too odd or archaic. 

The online space was developed for everyone to feel free to present whatever services they think will be of value to those around them in exchange for monetary compensation. It is no different when a handyman desires to market his services via a website. The advent of modernization and technology in our day have made it so that anyone from anywhere can launch an initiative and be commended for their creativity rather than being criticized. Handyman play a significant part in our society and in ensuring the smooth running of our daily activities. 

For a while now, most people have had this odd perception that commercial advertisements via websites, television, and other electronic platforms are strictly for those with white-collar jobs that require them to sit in an office from morning till evening, but this is actually very wrong. 

Consider this article as an eye-opener well-curated to properly enlighten and encourage you on the importance of website and digital marketing for handymen from diverse professionally walks of life. 

This article emphasizes the relevance of website and digital marketing tips for handymen seeking to promote their brands via digital marketing. Hence, providing helpful guidelines on how best website marketing could be used for growing your business’s online presence, overall traffic and web-based visibility. 

Essential Tips for Handyman looking to Develop a Website for their Brands

The tips below are some of the key tips with which a handyman can effectively promote his business or brand via website and digital marketing:

1. Standard Website Design 

One of the most elementary steps to take when trying to promote your brand via digital marketing is by creating a functional website that efficiently represents your brand. Yes! You want a website with an interface that reflects the quality your brand boasts of. A clean and professional website speaks measures about a brand and provokes positive reactions amongst its audience and potential clientele. 

In addition, here are some of the popular attributes of a professional website: an easy-to-use user interface, a well-illustrated depiction of services rendered by your brand, secure enough to earn the trust of potential clients, and well-optimized for all devices. All of these must be considered when creating a professional website. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Ongoing dealings in the professional world are based on businesses from different niches and nationalities. And behind every successful business is an edge that speaks of peculiarity. When looking to promote your business (handyman website) online, ensure you craft relevant keyword-rich content that is 100% compatible with major search engines that can pull loads of organic traffic your way.

Take the time to do your research on the relevant keywords that apply to your field; some examples include words like handyman, repairs, fix, broken, and other related suggestions. Research the most relevant keywords currently in use to pull the right amount of traffic your way and acquire the recognition your services deserve.

Endeavour to do the same when scripting your website. 

3. Online Booking System 

Make sure your clients are provided with the option of convenience because no one prefers stress. The provision of an online booking option on your handyman website and other related social media handles will guarantee seamless, stress-free communication between you and your clients.

Ensure you have an interactive webpage that affords clients diverse options for contacting your brand for jobs and preliminary inquiries about your business.

Also, ensure that your response time is top-notch. As a famous maxim says, and we repeat, “Time is money.”

4. Content Marketing 

Feel free to take the initiative and start a blog on your handyman website to share useful tips and self-help guides with which clients and people could manage minor damages in their homes.

Frequently update uploaded content to retain the attention of your target audience, as this is very important for promoting brand visibility. Be consistent, interactive, vocal, and watch the magic happen! 

5. Google My Business

Create a detailed Google My Business profile. Make sure you provide accurate business information involving your brand, which includes things such as your location, contact details, and work hours, and just in case you’re available 24/7, do well to include that, too. 

6. Customer Testimonials 

We believe the fact that you are considering creating a handyman website for your brand means that you have been able to secure a couple of wins in the past, where you executed a job, and the client was satisfied, this isn’t your first rodeo. If that’s the case, do well to spice up your website and bolster the authenticity of your brand by featuring client testimonials (written or video), as this would go a long way in convincing potential clients to check out your brand. 

7. Pay-per-click Advertising 

Ensure you frequently run targeted PPC campaigns on renowned platforms such as Google Ads, coupled with realistic budgets, and include specific keywords relating to your handyman services. 


Elevate Your Brand as a Handyman with these reliable Website Strategies

Despite the numerous challenges that could emerge when trying to promote your business online, by combining these website and digital marketing strategies, handyman can create a strong online presence, connect with their target audience, and ultimately grow their business. 

As rewarding as it can be, creating a website can be challenging, which is why we recommend that you partner with a proficient website design agency that is capable of delivering the quality your brand deserves. With Justnovate, you do not have to worry about the unnecessary ‘back and forths’ most brands have to deal with when trying to build a website.

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